The Beginning of my Research Experience

I am very excited to partake in the Research Rookies program at Northern Illinois University (NIU). I anticipate this program to be one of many new and exciting discoveries. I anticipate to discover more about my field of interesting which is biomedical engineering and to discover more about myself. My first impression of the Research Rookies program was one of excitement. I am excited about what this program had to offer. I am excited about meeting the faculty in my field and the laboratories used in my field. I believe that this program will be very challenging but I know that nothing in life comes easy. Research Rookies is a stepping stone for greater things to come.

Currently, I am in the process of reading all the profiles of the faculty in the engineering departments. I am will need to read more about their research interests and see what interests me. I have a few interests already. I have read about Prof. Kocanda, who is the director of electrical engineering laboratories. He is into digital sensors and microelectronics. I also found the work of Dr. Motaleb to be interesting but I doubt he’ll have the time to work with me but I’ll give it a shot. Dr. Motaleb is the dean of Electrical engineering department and he basically designed the biomedical engineering curriculum here at NIU.

I will send in all of my faculty interests to Rachel, who is the assistant director of OSEEL. I am very excited to meet them and hear about all the research they have done and the ones that they are still doing. However, I am nervous about actually figuring out and understanding all the intrinsic details of their research and catching up to their levels of expectations. I know engineering research requires a lot of programming so I will need to self-teach myself the various programming languages in used in engineering. All in all, I am very excited about this process and I can’t wait to choose my faculty mentor and begin my research. Let the discovery begin.

Until next time,



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