Progress Report: Beginning Stages of my Research Project

Now that I have selected my two faculty mentors the work has begun. My research project is the design of a microbial sensor that will be able to rapidly detect bacteria and biomarkers. Officially, my project is titled: Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy as a means of rapid bacteria detection and analysis.

I attended a research update meeting where Dr. Kocanda gave updates of the research to other professors and the industry partner on the project team. It was very interesting to observe how these seasoned and intelligent professors talked even though a majority of what was discussed was over my head. After the meeting, Dr. Kocanda sent me a powerpoint and gave me a lot of lecture notes on microbiology so that I can understand the fundamental principles guiding the research. After which, he gave me tons of articles to read on electrical impedance spectroscopy and I looked up a lot of articles myself. Much reading has been done on my part and I feel like I have a basic knowledge background of how electrical impedance spectroscopy.

My first task for the research project is to qualify the two sensors that we will be using to test the bacteria. We tested the two glass sensors in air to determine the signal to noise ratio and other parameters. I did the data collection and plotted graphs for proper analysis for one sensor. Now I have to run the tests and do the same data collection and analysis for the second one. There is nothing as challenging yet just understanding how everything works in depth.

However, after I run the last test on the sensor the work will begin. Dr. Kocanda order new computers and equipment that will be set up in the biology laboratory which is where the bacteria testing will take place. I am excited to see how effective the sensor will work and what data we get from the testing. Stay tuned as more exciting things will take place.

See you all later.

– Tony


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