The Next Stage of Our Research Project

So far my undergraduate research experience has been very interesting. Their has been some up and downs but regardless it has been highly rewarding and a great learning experience.

Due to the weather during the winter break and difficulty in transportation, we could not really get much done during the winter break. However, we have finally finished the initial stages of the research as we have finished testing and analyzing the impedance of the two sensors in ambient. We are going to graph the results and determine which spacing of sensor electrodes will be optimal for testing in a bacteria medium.

In the first two weeks of the semester, we have set up our equipment in Dr. Sherine Elsawa’s biology laboratory in order for us to prepare the media. We prepared Lysogeny broth (LB) for the growth of the bacteria. We learned how to use some of the equipment in the lab and we prepared our first (LB) broth to be used to further the growth of the first bacteria we are going to grow which will be E. Coli bacteria. We are still in the learning process of how to grow the bacteria using the media.


Once we have learned how to grow the bacteria and we have a sufficient amount then we will begin using our sensor for testing and analyzing the bacteria. This experience has been very great. It was a great refresher for me because I used to work in a biology laboratory and I am used to preparing broths and agar for bacteria growth.

Overall, I am excited to continue in this research and I am hopeful that the outcome will yield impactful results that will eventually advance how microbiology and engineering influence medicine and the general well-being of society.

Looking forward to cooler stuff to happen,



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