Halfway through the second semester

It’s been a long way coming in this research process. We are currently finished with testing our sensor in  LB broth. We are now analyzing the data and seeing how the broth reacted on the sensor. Now that we have completed testing the sensor with broth, we have inoculated our first set of bacteria, which is the common E.Coli bacteria. We did one test with the three electrode spacings on the sensor. We tested the bacteria at a frequency of 10000, 50000 and 100000 on the 450nm, 500nm and 550nm spacing of the sensor. We will run more tests with E.Coli and analyze the data to see how what the bacteria’s impedance measurements are at the various frequencies on the sensor. Eventually we want to also analyze bacterial growth on the sensor. We believe that the more the bacteria grows, the greater impedance it will exert when being tested with the sensor. 

All in all, the research project is vast and there is a lot of testing, data collection and analysis and restructuring that needs to be done. There will not be any conclusive results by the Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day (URAD) but engineering process will come in to play greatly as we have a lot of data and information to present my poster on the ongoing progress of the project. I have a lot of confidence that the sensor will be effective and beneficial but it needs a lot of work to collect the right amount of data and ensure accuracy on more popular bacteria such as E.Coli before we can move on to other bacteria such as S.Aureus and so on. As far as URAD is concerned, I need to collect and analyze the data for E.Coli and show the graphs of how it responded with the sensor. I will put all that data and more on my poster for that day.

My research experience is just one of many great things that I love about NIU. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to come to this great university. I love the school spirit, the rigorous engineering program, the calm of DeKalb and the great support the university gets from its alumni. I have blessed with many great opportunities here at NIU thus far and I have only been here a little less than one academic year. NIU is a great avenue for students who are truly seeking the opportunities to discover what they want to do with their lives.

However, my highlight experience here at NIU thus far is the Research Rookies program. It has been an amazing program and it has a been a springboard for success for me here at NIU. In the program, I have learned how to communicate with faculty, complete various research protocols, write proposals and scientific papers and prepare for poster presentations. Through this program, I was selected to be a Simmon Scholar, of which I am very grateful to Jaymie and Harry Simmon for their generosity and perpetual support to the program. I am really appreciative of all the great support the alumni has for the university and for the Research Rookies Program. I say thank you all. I hope that some day I will be able to give back and inspire students like they have inspired me.

With a  grateful heart,





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