Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day (URAD) 2014 and the Future

As Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day (URAD) comes closer I am getting very excited and nervous at the same time. I am excited because I will get to showcase my research to the university and everyone that comes that day. This research has been quite a process for me and definitely not a smooth process. There is still a lot of work and data analysis that needs to be done. However, I am excited to show everyone the progress and the potential of the project. I am nervous about answering questions from individuals who are very knowledgeable about my field of study. Although, I have somewhat of background knowledge about my research, it might be intimidating getting very advanced questions from professors or even individuals from the industry.

I plan to get a deeper understanding of my research. I want to learn more of the hands-on techniques used in the design and building aspects of the project. I am sufficient in the testing and data analysis aspects; however, I really want to diversify my skill set and widen my horizons. For those reasons, I applied to be part of the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) this summer. I am extremely excited that I was accepted to this program and I will be continuing my research full-time with Dr. Kocanda over the summer. On the other hand, the field of biomedical engineering is very diverse as it bridges medical solutions and engineering principles into one field. I am very interested in the research I am doing now but I am also interested in a wide range of other topics in biomedical engineering. I am interested in the specific sub-field of bioinstrumentation. That is the research and development, production and assurance of minimally invasive surgical devices such as endocutters, staplers, metal stents and other complex devices as well such as CT scans, MRI machines and pacemakers. I hope that I will have the opportunity to explore those fields of biomedical engineering through research or an internship/co-op position.








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