SROP — The first week

Hello to anyone reading this:

I am so honored to have been selected to be apart of the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) this summer. This is the second cohort of students to partake in this program. I will be in a program with 8 other overachieving students in a wide variety of fields from psychology to electrical engineering. We will be living with other students in the McKearn Scholars program and Research Experience in Undergraduate (REU) program .  I am very excited and inspired to meet and learn from other students in my program and in the other programs.

My first obligation as a SROPer (a term I will use for students in the SROP program) is to write a proposal for my research project. This is a great opportunity to give a preview of what my project will look like and I believe it will give me experience in technical writing as I will need this skill for my career path. The proposal consists sections of an abstract, background and context, project objectives, statement of significance and impact, statement of project objective, methods and outcomes. On the last page is obviously the literature cited. In addition to the aforementioned sections there is an ‘impact on academic experience’ section that gives me the chance to explain how this research will be beneficial to me. The final section is the ‘Timeline of Project Activities” that details on a week to week basis what I will be doing over throughout the program.

The first week of the program was full of workshops. These workshops were very informative. They ranged from proposal writing workshops to responsible conduct in research workshops. I expect this summer to be full of challenges but also full of learning. I am continuing the research that I was working on last year with Dr. Kocanda. I am looking forward to gain an in-depth understanding of essential electronic and electric circuit concepts. I will also have the opportunity to gain more knowledge in microbiology as well. I expect this summer to be very enlightening.

Many of the REU students come from different universities around the country. One of the students that I connect with was Nick DeMeo. Nick is a junior chemical  engineering major from University of Massachusetts- Amherst. He is a very cool guy and loves the outdoors. He introduced me to rock climbing and I loved it! We also have similar career goals and we both have simliar interests like working out. I am looking forward to connecting with other students as the program continues.

Until next time,




One thought on “SROP — The first week

  1. Wonderful first post Tony. You did a wonderful job with the proposal, and are off to a strong start continuing your research with Dr. Kocanda. I’m very glad you are connecting with students in SROP and the other programs, and it is great that you can connect with Nick and have that shared experience (Maybe next summer you could do an REU somewhere!)

    Hopefully the workshops will continue to benefit you and remain interesting.

    Research away!

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