Researching the Right Way

Ethics in Research means conducting research a moral and just way. Ethics in my field would mean applying moral principles and values to the practice of engineering. Ethics would avoid issues such as misconduct with animal and human experimentation, fabrication of data, plagiarism, academic scandals and even the necessity of whistleblowing. I believe ethics is necessary to achieve the most reliable and meaningful results. If research is conducted ethically it can lead to other scientists/researchers to continue and improve upon the research that was done. In my field, ethics is very vital as the lives of people could be at stake. Ethics in engineering involves upholding the health and safety as a main priority. Every engineer has to abide by the Code of Ethics and every engineering society has their own codes that practicing engineer has to vow to uphold.

I have encountered some ethical issues in various environments. I have encountered issues with ethics at my former job as a biology lab assistant at my community college. Fellow coworkers would take credit for a task they did not do themselves. I had to report the issue to my supervisor when it got out of hand. Also, I also encountered an ethical issue with my past research project. My project partner left me to do a majority of the work and used almost all my data and writing as his own. The matter was directed the right way and consequences were meted out. I do not believe I will have to encounter ethical issues for my research. All the data will be presented as is and if we hit a road block we will show and hope someone could improve upon it or fix it. That’s the way research should be done. The workshops definitely gave me a better perspective of what ethics is and how it is important to research. They showed me the consequences of being unethical and the length at to which it can cause damage to oneself, the research and other parties involved in the research. I will definitely ensure that my research is as ethical as possible and that everything I do is done right.


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One thought on “Researching the Right Way

  1. Great post Tony! You do a great job overviewing the many potential ethical issues a researcher could face, and talking specifically about some of the key principles Engineers have to work with. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with those past ethical issues, but it sounds like you did the right thing and those who were violating the trust and responsibility given to them were reprimanded for it.

    You’re approach to potential ethical issues this summer is the absolute correct one to take. Transparency and honesty always win out.

    Keep up the great work Tony!

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