Research Update

Beyond the informative and thought-provoking workshops and the interesting excursions, I have been diligently conducting research at Scientific Device Laboratory in Des Plaines. We are doing a lot of quality assurance and quality control on our sensor and conducting a wide range of frequency and time domain sweeps with various bacteria. We have identified five species of Gram positive and gram negative bacteria that we plan on focusing on. We have cultured gram negative bacteria and ran time domain and frequency domain sweeps and measured their impedances. We analyzed their impedances and compared them to one another. Furthermore, we will begin testing gram positive species and test for consistency amongst our sensors. We noticed a little hiccup in our data as the silver on the sensor was wearing off due to mechanical abrasion that occurs during the tests. This led us to determine that our sensors have a limited lifetime until which they will no longer give accurate measurements.

20140711_125443 20140711_125452


In continuation, we will begin testing the sensor with gram positive bacteria and comparing that data to what we’ve previously tested. We hope to get consistent results for both categories of bacteria and even expand our tests to yeasts which are a type of fungi. Further work needs to be done to ensure that the quality of our sensor is precise and we still need to do a lot of analysis with all of the data we’ve collected thus far.


Time to get busy,




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