The endless opportunities in Research

There is more to college than just going to class and going home. There are a plethora of opportunities to get involved, learn and do what you love here at Northern Illinois University (NIU). If you put in the time and effort you can have achieve success beyond your expectations. One of the main reasons why I chose to transfer to NIU is because I believe that I will be more than just a number here. I was given the opportunity to live on campus as a Transfer Residential Scholar and help out new students in their transition to NIU.

Conducting research as a undergraduate is a privilege. Not everyone is given the opportunity to work along side a professor but when given the chance take it with haste. I am blessed to have the experience of conducting research with a faculty in my fields of interest. My undergraduate research experience started out through the Research Rookies program. Research Rookies is a program for freshmen, sophomore and transfer students to link up with a faculty mentor to either conduct faculty-driven research project. It was a a great experience for me as a created a great relationship with my professors and learned a lot of things that I wouldn’t have learned in the classroom. I co-authored my very first paper because of the program! I initially though research would be of no use to me because I am an engineering major but I’ve learned that it is very great opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the labor force and for graduate school. Research is essential regardless of what major you’re in.

Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) has been a very unique experience. It was not as hard for me as I’ve had research experience through Research Rookies but it was different because I have the opportunity to dedicate full time work towards my research and prepare to present my research at the Summer Research Symposium. I have learned a lot about research and other professional development skills through this program that I believe will give me a competitive edge in the future. I will definitely encourage and recommend this program to anyone and everyone.


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One thought on “The endless opportunities in Research

  1. wonderful post, Tony! You can definitely demonstrate the value of research with all of the amazing things you have already done as a researcher. Feeling like a name instead of a number is definitely a strength of NIU. If students want attention, they can easily find it here, a really valuable part of this school. Thank you for highlighting it.

    I’m happy that SROP has served you well, and it’s been great having you in the program. Keep up the solid work!

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