Guidance from an awesome mentor

My faculty mentor is the well-versed Dr. Martin Kocanda. He obtained his B.S. Computer Science, University of Illinois in 1985, a B.S. in Chemistry from Elmhurst College in 1989. He furthered his education and was credited with a M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Northern Illinois University in 2008 and lastly, he received his Ph.D.Interdisciplinary in Chemistry and Electrical Engineering from Northern Illinois University in 2009. He currently holds the position of Director of the Electrical Engineering Laboratories.

My faculty mentor has deep knowledge base in numerous science disciplines and he enjoys working on projects that cross over and intermingle between those fields. His research interests include: Sensors, Instrumentation and Digital Signal Processing. Specifically, his work includes the design, analysis and validation of microelectronic sensors for chemical, biochemical, biometric and environmental measurements that employ nanoscale and microelectronic fabrication methods. Related interests include materials characterization and surface morphology determination of dielectrics, semiconductors, ferroelectric and ceramic materials at the nanoscale level using advanced electron microscopy and spectroscopy. Other academic interests include chemical analysis and synthesis of materials, optical microscopy and crystallography. He has several publications in all of these areas of interests.



In our project this summer has been very helpful. Although he is offering several classes and also is in charge of most the electrical engineering labs, he still finds the time to give me a sense of direction as to what next should be done on the project. I also like the fact that he gives me the leeway to act more independently. He allows me to make suggestions as to how we should carry out certain tests in our project. He taught me how to use the sensor and how to use the software for the impedance analyzer amongst other things.

I am really glad to have Dr. Kocanda as my faculty mentor and I am looking forward to having him as a mentor for future projects of mine.






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