What Next?

As the summer is coming to an abrupt end, I begin to ponder what the future holds for me. What’s next after this research experience? This coming semester will be a difficult one. It will really test my resilience and drive. I will be taking four electrical engineering classes and one industrial engineering classes. All of which are 300-level courses. I am excited to delve deeper into my major and rekindle my curiosity for how things work. 

Beyond my classes, I am involved in a wide range of other responsibilities and extracurricular activities. This year I will practice all the leadership skills and qualities that I have under my belt as I am going to be a Community Advisor in Grant D Towers at NIU. I will have to oversee a floor of about 30 students in the STEM house. This is exciting and also daunting as I am leaving my comfort zone. Also, I will have the utmost honor in serving as the Northern Lights Ambassador for the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology. In this position, I will serve as one of the major student faces for my college. I will also serve on the search committee for the position of Research Associate for Research Initiatives in the Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning (OSEEL). This will be a great experience for me as I have never been apart of a search committee. I will also be representing my college as the Student Advisory Council (SAC) representative to University Council for the second year.

Above all, I will be preparing to take my LSATs this December. I plan on attending Law School and I will need to complete my application by February. This will serve as a challenge for me because I will have to balance studying for the exam and studying for my classes.

All in all, I am excited to have the opportunity to attend NIU. It will be challenging but I believe that I can work through it all. Academics comes first and that is one thing I will take to mind. I have to keep the fire burning!

Yours truly,




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